One of the accessories for the golf player, which is indispensable, is a golf bag. For the connoisseur of the game, the leather golf bag is the limousine in the desert. It is the luxury which defines the lover of the game and the mere passer-by.


Cart Bags


Cart golf bagCart bags are golf bags that are intended to be used with a push cart or strapped to the back of a powered golf cart. Usually a little bigger and heavier than a stand bag, cart bags will be quite uncomfortable to carry around the course. Offering space for all your golf clubs, including a putter, umbrella, jacket and wet weather gear, this type of golf bags have the most storage room. As this type of golf bag is not intended to be carried by the golfer it is fitted with only a single basic strap that helps the golfer lift it out of their car and onto their push cart.

Cart bags are available in many different designs from the main golf equipment manufacturers, each offers several golf bags models in different colors and with different storage options. Many manufacturers offer golf bags that visually appeal to lady golfers, with vibrant colors that will match the golfers outfit.

Stand Bags


Stand golf bagGolf stand bags are for golfers that like to carry their clubs around the golf course. With a stand bag there are no restrictions on where you can take your clubs. You don’t have to stick to the cart path and can walk across the greens to find the shortest route around the course. The main feature of stand bags that set them apart from cart bags are the flip out legs that allow the golfer to ‘stand’ the bag upright. As the stand bag is intended to be carried by the golfer, it is lightweight when compared to the cart bag.

All stand bags are capable of holding your 14 clubs in two or more compartments that are divided within the best carry golf bag. Many carry bags will also have a separate compartment for your putter. Various zipped pockets allow you to store your jacket, spare golf balls, tees and water bottle. Most stand bags use a double strap design to allow the golfer to sling the golf bag over their shoulders.

Staff & Pro Bags


Tour golf bagStaff bags are the golf bags that are used by tour pros, more to the point are carried by their caddies. The largest of all golf bags, the top opening of a tour bag is usually 8.5-9.5 inches. This allows for easy removal of any of the players clubs without them snagging or damaging each other. The staff bag is noticeably larger than a cart bag, and as such is heavier, although modern materials and manufacturing techniques have reduce their overall weight. Due to the large size of this golf bag there is ample storage space for all the gear and equipment that a professional will need during a day’s play.

The staff bag is really only intended to be carried by a caddy, the cumbersome size and weight will fatigue the golfer who chooses to play as well as carry this type of bag. The staff bag tends to be two to three times the price of normal golf bags and so is cost prohibitive for most amateur players.

Travel Covers


Travel Covers for golf bagTravel covers will protect your clubs during transport which is especially required when they are stored in the hold of an aeroplane. Most travel covers are constructed from hard wearing and durable materials that protect your valuable golf clubs from damage.

Travel covers will allow you to fit your golf bag and clubs completely within the travel bag and provide a locking mechanism to secure your clubs. For ease of use a travel cover will come with a sturdy handle at the top and wheels on the bottom, which makes it a breeze to pull the travel cover behind you when walking around airports and train stations.


Why Go for Leather Golf Bags?

The toughness and feel of leather is one inspiration for the sportsmen who have to make their mark on the game. Of course the varieties and fineness of the leather will vary according the price one pays for it.  But basically it will have the following features.

There will be one main compartment where you may stow your clubs. It has an easy to access pocket with Velcro cover in which you may keep your score card, your tees and your glove. Another pouch having a top cover is for the balls. The pockets are made in such a way that when they are on the cart it is readily accessible, any items like beverages and the scoring is done without any adjustments. These bags are a reflection of the exquisite elegance and the statement of the style of the player. The make and endurance are superior because the material is superior and one will last for even a lifetime.