Laminate flooring are floors made of laminate materials. These are usually made up of synthetic materials; at times, these are also mixed with natural materials like wood and natural stones. These flooring are exceptionally durable and easy to maintain; it can withstand generally any types of staining, scratch and moisture. Laminate flooring can also endure high pressures and still be dent-free. This makes it the right flooring for the high traffic areas of the house. When laminate flooring is already installed in one’s house, the issue of maintenance usually comes up. How to clean laminate flooring and keep it on its best shape Proper handling and cleaning must be done.

Laminate floors are generally low maintenance. They do not need any special treatments, unlike most wood and other natural materials used as floors. This is because laminate flooring’s are so durable that it can withstand most scratches, stains and moisture. The best way to clean laminate flooring requires minimal effort and the most common household materials. If a home owner wishes to clean his or her laminate flooring, he or she can use a wet towel, dry mop or even a vacuum cleaner for laminate floors. However, it is suggested that the best way to clean laminate flooring is by using an ammonia based or vinegar solution as the cleaning fluid. In making the vinegar solution, one has to combine a fourth cup of vinegar to thirty or thirty two ounces of water. This solution can be done in a spray container or it can be transferred to a spray container at a latter period. With the best solution for cleaning a laminate floor at hand, home owners can easily start cleaning

their floor.

Laminate floorsThe best way to clean laminate flooring is to spray the vinegar solution or the ammonia based solution on the floor and then wipes it up. Using this method, the cleaner can move across the room and clean the laminate flooring inch by inch. This method is as easy as one, two, and three. If however, the cleaner wants to use a wet mop, he or she must make sure that no liquid is left on the floor. This is because the liquid can saturate and easily damage the laminate flooring.

There is also another type of cleaning solution which is considered to be suitable for laminate flooring. It is the Windex. Most solutions used in the house to as cleaning materials are usually useable for the laminate flooring. However, there are solutions that work best for laminate flooring. Such solutions are Swiffer wetjet wood cleaner, a solution of water, rubbing alcohol and vinegar and another solution of water, rubbing alcohol, vinegar and dish washing liquid.

Stains do not usually stick, but in times like this, a person can use different materials to clean the laminate floor. For tough spots, a nail polish can be used and for stains, warm water usually does the trick. How to clean laminate flooring is easy but how to clean it well depends on the methods we use.


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