Snoring is a symptom of many things, including sleep apnea. A lot of people snore during sleep and some don’t even realize that they do. Besides the discomfort and the noise, snoring can have many health risks. Snoring can affect any person but it is more common in men and people with overweight problems. It usually gets worse with age.

Random snoring is normally not a serious condition and almost every person will occasionally snore. However, if you share a bed with a partner, it can be a huge cause of discomfort. The situation gets worse if the condition is habitual. In addition to impairing the sleep quality of the snorer, the partner’s sleep patterns will be greatly disrupted too. Habitual snorers usually need some form of intervention to rectify the problem and mitigate possible health risks.

A snoring chin strap is one of the simplest, non-invasive solutions used to treat snoring. Most people with snoring problems are usually skeptical at first, but after trying the snoring chin strap, they realize that it is more effective than they originally thought. Snoring chin straps are now being used by hundreds of medical centers to prevent snoring.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is a result of a number of sleeping disorders, but generally, all of them have something to do with physical obstruction of air through the airway. Factors that can lead to obstructed air flow include:

Obstructed airways – Some people’s snoring is seasonal, for instance when they develop an allergy or when they get a sinus infection. Other nose deformities may also lead to obstructed airways.

Loose muscles of the tongue and throat – When the tongue and throat muscles are too relaxed, they can collapse back into the airway while one is asleep, especially during deep sleep. It can also result from alcohol consumption, use of tranquilizers (sleeping pills), and it could also result from the normal aging process.

Large throat tissue – This usually results from being overweight, but large tonsils and adenoids in children can also lead to snoring.

Predictably, the health risks associated with these conditions can be grave. For instance, an obstructed airway can lead to breathing interruptions, poor quality sleep that involves frequent waking, and can also cause a strain on the heart. Evidently, reducing snoring is a matter of serious health concern that ought to be addressed with the attention it deserves.

How A Snoring ChinStrap Prevents Snoring

A snoring chin strap is a chin cup made of fabric with adjustable straps that are wrapped around the head. The straps wrap around the back of the head to hold the jaws in position while sleeping so that the mouth of the user will not open.

An open mouth while sleeping is a big contributor to snoring. When the mouth is open during sleep, it creates increased pressure on the throat and eventually causes the airway to become smaller, leading to snoring and vibration.

And when the mouth is open, you’ll be breathing through both the nose and mouth, causing the mouth to become dry such that the throat vibrates and becomes irritated. However, when the jaws are held in position (mostly a forward position), the mouth will remain closed and breathing will only be through the nose. Also, the mouth and throat will stay moist, thus preventing vibration and irritation.

The chin strap for snoring is the simplest solution that can be used for this condition. It is very easy to use, lightweight, comfortable, and can fit any size because it is adjustable. Moreover, it is fairly priced compared to other solutions. You don’t have to wear the chin strap for the rest of your life because with continued use, the jaw muscles get used and will adapt to automatically close when you’re sleeping.

Why Is the Snoring Chin Strap Effective?

When we’re asleep, out muscles become relaxed and lose all tone. In fact, the muscles become more than relaxed and are almost paralyzed. This is why when you’re suddenly awakened from deep sleep, you may not be able to move a limb for a moment. It also explains why you don’t get up and act out your dreams.

This phenomenon also includes the jaws as well as the muscles in the throat, the tongue, and those surrounding the upper airway. When these muscles are relaxed, they become very flabby and cause the mouth to open, especially in certain people such as the elderly and overweight individuals. This leads to snoring as mentioned earlier. What makes a chin strap very effective is that it holds the flabby jaw muscles forward so that the tongue doesn’t fall back. This helps to keep the mouth closed and prevent snoring.

A snoring chin strap can make a huge difference in the lives of those with bothersome snoring and other sleeping disorders with snoring as a symptom. Best of all, it is cheap and you wear it by yourself without any help.


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