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University Medical Centre Mainz
Mainz, Germany
University Hospital, Mainz, Germany
The University Medical Centre Mainz (Universitätsmedizin Mainz) is part of the Johannes Gutenberg University, the fifth largest in Germany. With more than 1,000 doctors it treats over 62,000 inpatients per year.
Located only 15 minutes away from Frankfurt Airport, which has over 4,000 direct flights a week to 275 destinations in 111 countries, it is ideally placed for international patients.
Areas of expertise
University Medical Centre Mainz offers a special focus on:
Organ transplant, especially liver, pancreas, kidneys, bone marrow and cornea.
Mainz University Hospital is 15 mins from Frankfurt Airport
Accommodation at Mainz University Hospital
Most departments also provide a bedside multimedia terminal with internet, radio and games.
Accompanying relatives can be accommodated within the patient's room by arrangement and special dietary requirements can be catered for.
Travelling to Mainz
Mainz is well connected within Germany by the rail and motorway networks. For patients arraiving at Frankfurt/Main Airport there is a direct train connection to Mainz.
General and abdominal surgery team Paediatric Clinic Patient room Research Scan Patient care
Useful links
Mainz public transport
Mainz Tourist Information
Deutsche Bahn (German Rail)
Frankfurt Airport
International patients
Treatment enquiries
Gynaecology including premature and high risk delivery and perinatal care.
Urology and paediatric urology.
Traumatology, especially hand surgery.
Minimally invasive spine surgery
Neurology and Neurosurgery.
Cancer treatments.
University Medical Centre Mainz offers PET-CT scanning and 'robotic' surgery and it was the first centre in Europe to introduce intraoperative MRI scanning.
Patients are accommodated in single, double or four-bedded rooms and each is equipped with at least a television set and telephone.
It is an outstanding research centre and a well-established teaching hospital, with  25 years experience of treating international patients.
Ear, nose and throat
Please visit the Mainz International Patients page.
Medical research at University Medical Centre, Mainz
University Medical Centre Mainz, near Frankfurt, Germany
High-speed trains, regional trains and trams also run between the cities of Frankfurt and Mainz on a regular basis.
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University Medical Centre Mainz
This allows scans to be performed in theatre, without having to interupt complex surgery to move the patient to and from the main MRI scanner.
University Medical Centre Mainz
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