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Vienna International Medical Clinic
Vienna, Austria
Vienna International Medical Clinic
High-tech private hospital
Top healthcare
The medical and technical equipment and the precautionary medical follow-ups are in accordance with the highest international standards.
Vienna International Medical Clinic is a luxuriously furnished, high-tech private hospital, which was taken under new ownership in 2010
A new team of resident and visiting consultants, therapists and ancillary staff is in place, with two new gyms for post-operative recovery and luxury accommodation.
VIMC offers first class medical equipment, personalised care and flexible, internationally-oriented staff to ensure that you have effective and pleasant stay for your treatment.
Range of treatments available
Offer to women with PIP breast implants
The French government has warned that women who had silicone breast implants manufactured by Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP), should have them removed or replaced.
VIMC has been at the forefront of calls for new European standards for breast implants.
Now VIMC is offering to remove PIP breast implants entirely free of charge, regardless of where they were fitted. This is performed as day case surgery and no overnight hospital stay is required.
Some other governments are not offering this facility unless it is deemed 'medically necessary' and some private centres which fitted PIP implants have refused to remove them again without charge.
Removal free of charge
Vienna (Wien) has an outstanding history of medical research and expertise and VIMC combines Viennese medical traditions with innovative medical technologies.
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The hospital has been extensively re-equiped throughout and boasts two of the most advanced and sophisticated operating theatres in Austria. These are equipped with the latest laminar flow ventilation system, which reduces risk of infection during surgery
Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery
Patient room at Vienna International Medical Clinic
Experienced surgeons and the latest technology
VIMC has assembled a team of highly experienced surgeons for facial, breast and other aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.
Luxury accommodation in Vienna private hospital
Cosmetic surgery in Vienna, Austria
Main specilisations at VIMC are aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and sports medicine/orthopaedics, ranging from breast enlargement or reduction to carpal tunnel syndrome.
VIMC also offers single incision, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for appendectomy, gall bladder surgery, hernia, inguinal hernia, colon surgery and surgery for diaphragmatic hernia or reflux disease (GERD).
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VIMC Reception VIMC Third Floor VIMC Second Floor
Treatment enquiries
Vectra XT 3D simulation for aesthetic surgery
For breast augmentation surgery it also keeps the largest stock and variety of implants in Austria.
Other treatments include, vein, thyroid, diabetes and IVF fertility treatments and general health screening.
Please visit the VIMC International Patients page.
VIMC International Patients page
Enquiries and directory of doctors at VIMC
Vectra 3D simulation
See VIMC featured in the Puls4 television series 'Endlich Schön' (Beautiful at Last), with 12 patients in 6 episodes.
Before aesthetic surgery, patients now benefit from Vectra 3D simulation, to show the effect of proposed surgery.
Patient room at Vienna International Medical Clinic
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Vienna International Medical Clinic
Vienna International Medical Clinic
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